Lasagna Day

July 29, 2011 § 2 Comments

Bravo Lasagna

Bravo! Mama's Lasagna Bolognese

Yesterday, the 28th was “National” Lasagna day. (I’m not sure if it was really national, or if Bravo! just made it up.) Lasagna at half price! Lasagna day started at Bravo last year. It didn’t get much advertisement – just emails. This year, however, they stepped it up. Not only were emails sent out, but there were ads in the newspaper and on the radio.

It worked. At 11am, when Bravo opens, people streamed in. My first table was a church group of 8; all but one ordered lasagna. It was like that the entire lunch shift. Most people ordered lasagna, with a handful diverging from the rest. By the time I got off at 3, I was pretty tired. My feet hurt and I was exhausted.

That was round one. Overall, it wasn’t too bad because all of my tables were fairly pleasant to me, and it made the whole experience more enjoyable for them and for me.

Round two, dinner. Started at 4:30pm. Oh my lord, what a busy night. We close at 10pm on Thursday, and we ran out of lasagna at 8ish. So everyone got half-priced meals after that! What a night. It was so busy.. I screwed up more than once, the worst being when I accidentally forgot to put in one table’s order after I’d gotten the salads out. They were quite upset, and, lucky them, they got all but their drinks free. Needless to say they were fine after the manager did that for him, and they told me that it wasn’t a real problem and to not let it bother me. As they left, they thanked me for my honesty. (In the future, I may not be quite as painfully honest as I was… Even my dad said that was a little far.) Still tipped me though…. God it was a long night. The wait for food was long. Luckily, as long as I told everyone up front that the wait would be awhile, they were patient and understanding.

By the time I left the restaurant last night, I couldn’t bend over, and I could barely walk; I limped to my car.

Today I was still sore. Desperate to see my horse and ride, I went out early this morning to the barn anyway. I thoroughly enjoyed riding.. but it left me totally wiped. I took a four nap today.

I have a double shift tomorrow. I probably won’t get to come home and nap between them. I wish myself luck – Saturday morning and evening are both very busy.

Lasagna day. Never again.


Edit a day later:

I’m sure I found a typo earlier in this… may it was my previous post. Anyway. By “four nap” I meant four hour nap. I’m sure you all figured that out, but my typo-nazi nature lends to necessary correction.


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