Note on Lasagna Day

July 31, 2011 § 3 Comments

Just to clarify, I’m not trying to say there is anything wrong with Bravo! or their lasagna. I’ve tried it and it is quite delicious. I enjoy all of Bravo’s food that I’ve tried. Lasagna day isn’t a bad thing for our guests nor is it a bad thing for Bravo!. The only thing I was trying to achieve by my post was to describe my night and say how I /personally/ wasn’t a huge fan of the experience. That is all.

Please — continue to enjoy Bravo! food!



§ 3 Responses to Note on Lasagna Day

  • I’m guessing someone told you off in case you gave customers a negative of your employer.

  • Not an official scolding, but I got warned by coworkers. I did sign a slip when I started that said I had to be nice. 😛 Just thought I’d back myself up.

    Hopefully no one read it that way to start with, because that wasn’t my intention!

  • Yeah, I think that most people who read the original piece knew you weren’t complaining about the quality of the lasagna or Bravo!. That said, one never knows how stuffy management types will react to things written on what to them is the dark magic of the new-fangled internet 😉

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