O’ Ye Old College

August 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

Yes, my dear friends, it is true.

I have returned to college for my sophomore year.

The classes:

Statistics and Experimental Design (the stats class for psych majors)
Art History in the Western World
Intermediate Photography
Global Christianity

Stats is a requirement for my major, psychology. I have to take it in order to move on to the 300 classes, when I get into the more intense psychology classes. Art history is a requirement for my minor. I hate art history even though I really enjoy art. Stats seems bearable, not wonderful, but bearable. Art history is in the same category, though I’m even less excited for that. Intermediate photography is something I’m very excited for, if you hadn’t guessed. It’s probably the only class this semester I’m really excited for. Global Christianity is… blech. I have to take a religion class, and this is the only class that fit in my schedule, and I need to get it out of the way this semester. So far it is my least favorite. I really, really don’t want to take it. It’s not a subject I want to study, and it has a large amount of reading that is really dense. Fuuuuu…..


But I’m enjoying being back all the same. I went out Saturday night and had a great time. And I’ve hung out with friends more than usual, which is good for me and my previously struggling social life. I’m working on getting approved to be a “safe driver” for the college, meaning I can help drive my equestrian teammates to competitions. I’m looking forward to more of that starting, though it’ll take a little while for everything to lift off the ground again.


Anyway… I’ll post more later about “Rack On!”, modeling, and some photos I took today of my friend/roommate Kara.

Peace out!


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