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December 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

Has anyone noticed the snow falling from WordPress’s page? I’m loving it! That’s actually not what I’m intended to talk about, but it was snowing as I typed and I just wanted to say something about it!

Anyway. NaNoWriMo update? Check. I did finish with five days to spare, which was really a fantastic accomplishment for me! My friend John did beat me, because the validator added 500 words to his self-reported wordcount — that little bugger! All the same, this November was wonderfully productive and I’m really happy with how it went! I’m taking the story that sort of went off on its own, The Boy That Rides On Trains, and I’d like to beef it up, make it pretty, and perhaps try to publish it. Is that too crazy? I dunno, maybe it is. If there are any enthusiastic readers or good editors?! please drop me a note (somewhere..) and I can send you the first draft of the story. I’m working on a second draft as we speak, but it is going a little slowly due to a persistent lack of self-confidence and nagging self-doubt. I’ve also posted the first two chapters to another story I’m writing (that may turn into novel-material), and the first chapter of the second draft of the story I aforementioned that I’m editing.

Other things in life! I’ve had some personal school/people drama in my life that has been frustrating/depressing. Since this is a public blog I’d like to save this discussion for private or a much much later date. For now, let’s just say I’m trying to resolve it.

Finals are next week, and I’m TOTALLY psyched for those. Yeah right. Hopefully I will be able to breeze through them and get back home and enjoy a month off from school.

I’d also like to promote and all the wonderful entertainment they provide. I spent way too much time last just doing logic puzzles, tangrams, a tessellation, and then this game called Strimko which I find I’m developing a small addiction to.

Anywho, this seems like a pretty good update and a nice place to leave off. I have studying to do, editing to do, and laundry to do. Plus I feel like eating some more. That beef ravioli was not enough to fill me until dinner….

Toodles, friends!


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