Second Semester Classes

February 7, 2012 § 1 Comment

I have multiple blog posts I want to make, but I left my list back in my room (and I’m in class right now), so I’ll just work with what I remember.

So! For my Monday/Wednesday class, I have Introduction to Ceramics with Walter Zurko (1:00-3:50pm). So far I’m really enjoying it – more than I thought I would. I haven’t worked with clay in ages, and wasn’t sure how I would like this class, but it is going pretty well. So far we’ve made some pinch pots, and our first project was about rattles. Make a pair with a dichotomy, 3 hollow forms each, not all hollow forms must rattle, but it has to rattle /somehow/. I chose a bird and a fish. They turned out pretty well, overall. They haven’t been fired yet, but they do rattle at the bone dry stage! Next project is a objection reinterpretation with coils. I hate coils, I’ve decided, but I’m determined! Planning to reinterpret an Egyptian cat figurine that I have.

I am a TA (Teaching Assistant) for Introduction to Digital Imaging with Bridget Milligan (one of my favorite professors; 1:00-3:50pm). Not much to say about this other than I get to sit in the back and do what I want, and sometimes I’ll go over and help people if they are struggling. Took this class my first semester freshman year. I have another class, so I actually leave around 2:20 to go to my next class: Perception and Action with John Neuhoff (2:30-3:50pm). That class is actually for my major, so it is important that I get to it! It’s pretty interesting so far, I suppose. A little more scientific than I’m used to for a psychology class, I suppose. At night (Tuesday only) I have War and Peace on Film with Jeffrey Lantis (7:00-9:40pm). It’s like a film class that isn’t really a film class – because it is in the Political Science department and is taught by a Polysci professor. But I’m enjoying it, even if the reading for the class is a little overwhelming at times!

Friday afternoon I have a lab from 1:00-3:50pm for my Perception and Action class, except the way the class is organized, we don’t have a lab every week, and instead we just come in for a meeting with a group for a group project that will last throughout the semester. So I really only have a 20 minute meeting at 2pm on Fridays. Woot!

Anyway, that’s my schedule for this semester. Plus I ride Wednesday night (hunt seat) and Thursday morning (dressage). Oh yeah, and some work thrown in there. 😛


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